NCS Publications

The NCS frequently publishes reports for fellow professionals in which recommendations are given for various quality control procedures or otherwise. The members of the NCS board and the members of the concerning subcommittee do not claim any authority exceeding that of their professional expertise. Responsibility on how the NCS recommendations are implemented lies with the user, taking into account the practice in his/her institution.

NCS reports are based on the most recent scientific insights and should represent the state-of-the-art of a given subject. The reports are usually written in English and should be of use for Medical Physicists and other professionals in Dutch, Belgian and other institutes.

An overview of the NCS reports and their DOIs can be found on CrossRef.

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Quality assurance of cone-beam CT for radiotherapy

NCS 32, February 2019

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Radiation Protection and Dosimetry of the Eye Lens

NCS 31, May 2018

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Code of Practice for Quality Assurance of Brachytherapy with Ir-192 Afterloaders

NCS 30, May 2018

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An on-site dosimetry audit for high-energy electron beams

NCS 29, October 2018

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IAEA Abstract

Cooperation between national scientific societies and the government: a Dutch initiative

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NCS publications of the platform “Stralingsbescherming in het ziekenhuis” are documents that concern practical implementations of several legal aspects regarding the use of radiation in hospitals.

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RIAS Introductie + Samenvatting

Algemene Introductie en Uniforme Samenvatting

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RIAS NG See all files

RIAS-NG: Aanbevelingen risicoanalyse en -evaluatie voor Nucleair Geneeskundige verrichtingen in ziek


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RIAS-NG: Schatting opgelopen dosis bij ongewenste blootstelling

Voorzien, onbedoelde gebeurtenissen bij Nucleaire Geneeskunde

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RIAS RD See all files

RIAS-RD: Aanbevelingen risicoanalyse en -evaluatie voor Radiologische verrichtingen in ziekenhuizen


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RIAS-RD: Spreadsheet

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RIAS RT See all files

RIAS-RT: Aanbevelingen risicoanalyse en -evaluatie voor Radiotherapie


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RIAS-RT: Spreadsheet

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Communicatie met de Overheid See all files

Blootstellingsinformatie patiënten in medisch dossier

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Eindtermen Stralingshygiëne voor Medisch Specialisten

die gebruik maken van röntgenapparatuur

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