Intra operative radiotherapy

IORT refers to the delivery of a high dose at the time of surgery to a specific target while healthy structures are displaced or shielded. This treatment technique involves a multidisciplinary approach and a close interaction between surgery and radiotherapy. In clinical practice different dedicated devices are used: mobile electron linear accelerators, a low-energy X-ray machines and brachytherapy. This leads to a diverse combination of equipment with specific dosimetric characteristics, quality assurance protocols, sterilization procedures, dose calculation, safety and risk assessment, specific carepaths,and a special work environment.

Therefore, the NCS initiated a subcommittee that focuses on the current practice on IORT.

In this report the current procedures in use are discussed, and suggestions and guidelines will be proposed with the aim to standardize the clinical implementation across the different techniques and centres.

The subcommittee had its first meeting on 9 November 2018. 

Topics to be covered

  • Dosimetry
  • Acceptance and Commissioning
  • Practical aspects and workflow
  • Radioprotection
  • Risk assessment and safety

 Members of this NCS subcommittee

  • Anna Petoukhova (Medisch Centrum Haaglanden, Den Haag)
  • Inger-Karine Kolkman-Deurloo (Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam)
  • Marleen Piessens (OLV ziekenhuis Aalst)
  • Nicolas Hertsens (AZ Groeninge, Kortrijk)
  • Stephane Simon (Bordet, Brussel), Chair,
  • Dianne Weug (Catharina ziekenhuis, Eindhoven), advisor
  • Jeltsje Cnossen  (Catharina ziekenhuis, Eindhoven), Advisor

  • Jeroen van de Kamer (NKI-AvL, Amsterdam), representative of the NCS board
  • Wim Dries (Catharina ziekenhuis, Eindhoven), Secretary
  • Piet Stevens (Iridium kankernetwerk, Antwerpen)