Code of Practice and recommendations for Total Body Irradiation and Total Skin Irradiation

The purpose of this workgroup is to investigate the status of treatment protocols and quality control for total body and total skin irradiation in the Netherlands and Belgium. The AAPM reports 17 and 23 are often used as start points by the different centres, but implementation changes occur after an evolution of some decades. Recent technological evolution allows new treatment and treatment planning techniques, creating a need for a guidance report for individual centres in order to compare their current way of practice to the state of the art practice. In this report we will focus on putting down the state of the art concerning:

  • Clinical requirements (dose prescription, dose homogeneity, tolerance of critical organs...)
  • Treatment techniques (patient positioning and fixation, beam specifications, beam attenuators,...)
  • TBI/TSI commissioning (measurement techniques,...)
  • Treatment planning (TPS validation,...)
  • Pre-treatment verification (dose prescription, dose homogeneity, beam absorbers,...)
  • In-vivo verification (imaging, dose verification, skin doses,...)
  • risk analysis

Finally, we will give some recommendations for future developments.
The subcommittee had its first meeting 2 October 2014.

Members of this NCS subcommittee

  • Geert Pittomvils (UZ Gent, Gent, Chairman,
  • Wim Jansen (LUMC, Leiden, Secretary)
  • Phil Koken (VUMC, Amsterdam)
  • Daan Martens (HagaZiekenhuis, Den Haag)
  • Lars Murrer (Maastro Clinic, Maastricht)
  • Peter Van der Hulst (UMCG, Groningen)
  • Ruud Van Leeuwen (RadboudUMC, Nijmegen)
  • Damien Dumont (Saint Luc UCL, Brussels)
  • Loes van Kempen (external medical advisor)
  • Laurien Daniëls (external medical advisor)
  • Jeroen Van de Kamer (NKI, AvL, Amsterdam, respresentative of the NCS Board)