IMRT & VMAT/RapidArc Audit

This subcommittee will conduct a voluntary audit of IMRT and VMAT/RapidArc deliveries in radiotherapy institutes in the Netherlands. The goal of the audit is to verify that the dose distribution calculated by an institution's treatment planning system matches dose measurements performed at the institution's linear accelerators within acceptable margins.

The plans to be calculated and measured will be provided by the subcommittee. The plan list will include a mix of target areas (e.g. mamma, prostate, cervix, head&neck, brain), modalities (IMRT, VMAT/RapidArc) and linac models (Elekta: MLCi and Agility, Varian: Clinac and Truebeam). Each participating institute can choose the plans that are relevant to their clinical practice.

The measurements and analysis will be performed by members of the subcommittee. Measurements will consist of point measurements with an ionization chamber, Gafchromic film measurements, and array measurements. Institutes are encouraged to repeat the measurements on their own patient-specific QA system for comparison purposes.

The subcommittee officially started 18 February 2014.

Members of this NCS subcommittee

  • Enrica Seravalli (UMCU, Utrecht, Chairman,
  • Anette Houweling (AMC, Amsterdam, secretary)
  • Marion van Gellekom (ARTI, Arnhem)
  • Jochem Kaas (NKI-AVL, Amsterdam)
  • Erik Loeff (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)
  • Thom Raaben (Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede)
  • Marc Kuik (MCA, Alkmaar)
  • Jacco de Pooter (VSL, Delft, representative of the NCS board)
  • Wilfred de Vries (UMCU, Utrecht)