Guidelines for Radiation Protection and Dosimetry of the Eye Lens

Evaluation of the eye lens dose is of increasing importance due to the growing insight in the sensitivity of the organ. The European BSS directive of 2013 has implemented the recommendations of the ICRP and limited the annual eye lens dose to 20 mSv. This directive will be implemented in the national legislation in 2018. The NCS subcommittee “Radiation Protection and Dosimetry of the Eye Lens” was installed to develop a practical guideline for dealing with this issue.The formal initiation of the subcommittee was 6 June 2016.

The guideline has the following objectives

  • Provide guidance for reducing the exposure of the eye lens (e.g. by the use of personal protective equipment)
  • Provide guidance for determination of the eye lens dose (e.g. by the use of personal dosimetry)
  • Provide decision rules when to use eye lens dosimetry

Members of this NCS subcommittee

  • Ischa de Waard (RIVM)
  • Mariska Damen (LUMC, NVKF)
  • Kitty Hoornstra (UMCU, NVS)
  • Pierre Kicken (Astra Consultancy, NVS)
  • Martine Lagerweij (Isala klinieken, NVKF)
  • Wim Idema  (Zaans Medisch Centrum)
  • Kirsten Henken (Antonius Ziekenhuis)
  • Lara Struelens (SCK)
  • Alexander Maass (UMCG, NVKF)
  • Leo Schultze Kool (UMC Radboud, NVvR)
  • Robert Kollaard (chair, NRG,, NRG)
  • Tom Grimbergen (representative NCS board, NRG)
  • Bart Goessens (UMC Radboud, NVS stralingsartsen)
  • Doreth Valk (secretary, RIVM)