Audit for high-energy electron beams

In December 2013 the NCS report 23 was published on the audit of high-energy photon beams in Belgian and Dutch Radiotherapy Departments. VSL participated in the audit and was responsible for the calibration of the dosimetry chambers. Based on the measurement procedures developed for this audit , VSL is now offering a dosimetry audit for high-energy photon beams. The reference dosimetry for high-energy electron beams, based on the absorbed dose to water protocol (NCS report 18) is adopted in the majority of the Dutch Radiotherapy Departments. Especially the reference point and cross calibration issues raised a number of questions. Therefore there is a need for an independent verification of the reference dosimetry for electron beams and the NCS established a subcommittee for an audit of high-energy electron beams. Performing an audit for all radiotherapy departments in the Netherlands and Belgium will take a number of years. Therefore, the subcommittee decided to set-up a small audit among 4 centres. The measurement procedures for an audit for electron beams will be developed. Based on these measurement procedures, VSL will offer a dosimetry audit for high-energy electron beams. All Radiotherapy Departments in the Netherlands and Belgium can verify their dosimetry for high-energy electron beams by using VSL electron audit. The subcommittee had its kick-off meeting at 2 February 2015.


  • Development of measurement procedures for the audit
  • Testing of the procedures
  • Performing the audit at the 4 centres participating in the subcommittee
  • Transferring the audit to VSL

Members of this NCS subcommittee

  • Frits Wittkamper (NKI-AvL, Amsterdam), Chairman and representative of the NCS board,
  • Thijs Perik (NKI-AvL, Amsterdam)
  • Stan Heukelom (VUmc, Amsterdam)
  • Wenze van Klink (VUmc, Amsterdam)
  • Wim Jansen (LUMC, Leiden)
  • Elfried Kok (RdGG, Delft)
  • Leon de Prez, secretary (VSL, Delft)
  • Bartel Jansen (VSL, Delft)
  • Jacco de Pooter, advisor (VSL, Delft)