Radiation Protection in Full Colours

Eighth NCS Lustrum, 4 November 2022,

Venue: Anatomiegebouw Bekkerstraat 141 3572 SG Utrecht

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It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 8th NCS lustrum in Utrecht, 4 November 2022. 

Forty years ago, the “Nederlandse Commissie voor Stralingsdosimetrie”  has been established  with the aim to promote the appropriate use of dosimetry of ionizing radiation throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Since its foundation, almost 35 NCS reports have been published. The scientific set-up and the coherence of the NCS reports have proven to be highly appreciated worldwide with more than a thousand downloads for each of the top three reports.

In the last and coming years, the NCS subcommittees have become more internationally oriented and increasingly diverse in composition. Medical doctors, linac engineers and  (Medical) Physicists of varying subspecialties and countries are now jointly collaborating in NCS subcommittees. In addition, the NCS platform is ever more active in dealing with practical legal issues.

All this could not have been done without the enthusiastic help of all volunteers. Thank you all!

The theme for the 8th NCS lustrum is “Radiation Protection in Full Colours”, dealing with a continuously developing and exciting field. Various practical issues regarding proton therapy will be discussed. The diversity of the program should provide all participants with new ideas and new insight regarding the pros and cons of proton therapy.

The NCS board wishes you all a stimulating day, with lots of time for fruitful discussions.

On behalf of the Board of the NCS,

Jeroen van de Kamer and Geert Pittomvils

This symposium has been accredited by the ANVS (5 points, kennisactiviteit), NVKF and the AFNC/FANC. 

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