Code of practice for Quality Assurance of Applicators and Transfer Tubes for Ir-192 Afterloaders

Preliminary Report

Medical physicists in the Netherlands requested a rapid publication of the part of the report describing QA procedures to ascertain the quality of transfer tubes and applicators and their technical lifetime. Therefore, the NCS board decided to publish this pre-publication. Since it is a pre-publication and not a final report, it is only valid until the date indicated on the report. Please check for updates on a regular basis.

This part is a pre-publication of the NCS subcommittee “QA of Afterloaders for Brachytherapy.

The NCS frequently publishes reports for fellow professionals in which recommendations are given for various quality control procedures or otherwise. The members of the NCS board and the members of the concerning subcommittee do not claim any authority exceeding that of their professional expertise. Responsibility on how the NCS recommendations are implemented lies with the user, taking into account the practice in his/her institution.